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The fifth T-50 is in the air!

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customersThe fifth flying prototype of the Sukhoi’s prospective fifth-generation fighter (PAK FA, T-50) made its maiden flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur at the KnAAZ aircraft plant of the Sukhoi company on 27 October 2013. The plane was piloted by the 1st class test pilot Roman Kondratyev. The fighter aircraft spent 50 minutes in the air and landed safely on the factory airfield runway. The test flight was a success and in full accordance with the flight plan. The stability of the aircraft and the powerplant were tested during the flight. The aircraft performed well in all phases of the planned flight program. The pilot confirmed reliability of all systems and equipment.

Russian Army Aviation Ka-52 fleet growing

russian-army-aviation-ka-52-fleet-growingThe advanced Kamov Ka-52 multirole combat helicopter is to make its debut at the current Le Bourget air show. The Russian Army Aviation has been taken delivery of the type for two years, with yet another air base (in the south of Russia this time) having accepted a new batch recently.


The Ka-52 passed its official tests in 2011 and was cleared for service entry. The delivery of production-standard helicopters to the Russian Defence Ministry began in December 2010, when the first four Ka-52s built by the Russian Helicopters’ Progress company in Arsenyev were shipped to the Army Aviation Combat Training and Conversion Centre in Torzhok. In May 2011, the delivery started to Chernigovka air base in the Russian Far East, where the Russian Air Force had activated its first full-ledged 12-ship Ka-52 air squadron by the end of the year. In 2012, Chernigovka air base took delivery at least five more Ka-52s. In addition, five new Ka-52s built by Progress by late 2011 were fielded with CTCC in Torzhok early in 2012.

Su-35S debuts in Le Bourget

Su-35S-debuts-in-Le-BourgetIn the coming several years, the Russian Air Force shall field almost 50 cutting-edge Sukhoi Su-35S supermanoeuvrable multirole fighters in production by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant, a subsidiary of the Sukhoi company.  Two years ago, the first production-standard aircraft of the type were delivered to the Russian Defence Ministry for the official trials, and in 2012, the first stage of the trials resulted in a preliminary acceptance report clearing the type’s full-rate production and fielding with combat units. To date, the Air Force has taken delivery of as many as 10 production-standard Su-35S fighters that are due to the Training and Operational Evaluation Centre in the city of Lipetsk in the near future. A bit later, Su-35S aircraft are to be welcomed in Kubinka AFB in the Moscow Region, where they are to replace the Su-27s flown by the legendary aerobatics team, the Russian Knights. In addition, a preliminary decision has been taken on the feasibility of selling a batch of Su-35 fighters to the People’s Republic of China. Talks with other potential buyers are under way.

Tu-204-100C launches services with Transaero

tu-204-100c-launches-services-with-transaeroOn 18 April 2013, the Transaero air carrier took delivery of the first of the two Tupolev Tu-204-100C freighters ordered from the Ilyushin Finance Co. leasing company. On that day, the aircraft (reg. RA-64052) arrived at its base at Domodedovo in the Moscow Region from the factory airfield in Ulyanovsk. Transaero used it on a scheduled freight operation as soon as 21–22 April. Having left Domodedovo airport, the aircraft made a stopover at Novosibirsk’s Tolmachovo airport that it departed for Yakutsk after having been refuelled, maintained and laden with extra food and mail. The Tu-204-100C hauled a total of 24 t of cargo on its first commercial flight. Services on this route shall be weekly. Transaero has plans to fly its new cargo liners on both domestic and international lines. The acceptance of the second Tu-204-100C (reg. RA-64051) was planned to commence in June.

First tests under MRKS programme

first-tests-under-mrks-programmeA cycle of tests of several models of winged reusable rocket stages was completed in April 2013 with the use of TsAGI’s UT-1M and T-117 wind tunnels. These winged stages are to become the reusable first stage of the MRKS-1 reusable space rocket system being developed in Russia under the Federal Space Programme. The tests of the models were focused on assessing the impact of the thermal load on the winged reusable rocket stages. Experiments designed to gauge their flight performance at subsonic and supersonic speed are slated for June.

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