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MC-21: prototypes manufacturing begins

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customersThe key advanced mid-term airliner programme being pursued by Russia's aircraft industry is the development of the MC-21 new-generation narrow-body short/medium-range airliner family designed to compete the best Western airliners in the class, the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737MAX. Under the Russian President's directive dated 6 June 2010, Irkut Corp. became the prime contractor for the development and production of the MC-21. Prototypes and production-standard aircraft of the MC-21 family will be built by the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a subsidiary of the Irkut Corp.

Irkut continues Su-30SM deliveries

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customersSince the Su-35S is a single-seater, an aircraft with the twin controls was required for pilots to train to fly the plane featuring supermanoeuvrability that is new to the Russian Air Force aircraft fleet. In this connection, a basic decision was made in 2011 to order from the Irkut corporation a batch of Su-30SM two-seat supermanoeuvrable multirole fighters - a version of the export-oriented Su-30MKI tailored to meet the requirements of the Russian Air Force. 30 aircraft of the type were ordered for RusAF on 20 March 2012. Later, a decision was made to buy more Su-30SMs for the Russian Defence Ministry, considering the Su-35S need of numerous enough tests and, hence, a longer time for fielding with RusAF and given the Su-30MKI being in service with several air forces as multirole fighters capable of a wide range of missions (the Indian, Algerian and Malaysian air forces have around 250 Su-30MKIs, Su-30MKI(A)s and Su-30MKMs). On 18 December 2012, a contract was signed for delivery of 30 aircraft more to RusAF until 2015. The first Su-30SM order by the Russian Navy was also announced earlier this year: five aircraft will have been made within the coming two years under the deal struck in December 2013, with the overall requirement of naval aviation estimated at more than 50 Su-30SMs.

Night Hunter for Russian Air Force and foreign customers

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customersThe commencement of the export of the Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter army combat helicopter promises to become a landmark of the year for Rostvertol JSC, which marked its 75th anniversary on 1 July 2014, and for the whole Russian Helicopters holding company, which subsidiary Rostvertol is. This was officially announced by the Rosoboronexport company, during the HeliRussia 2014 helicopter industry show in Moscow in late May. A Mi-28N took part in the event, having landed on a patch of the ground in front of the Crocus Expo international exhibition centre. At present, Rostvertol is completing the manufacture of the first Mi-28NE export batch. At the same time, the company is proactive in fulfilling part of the Governmental Defence Acquisition Programme: more than 80 machines of the type have been made since the manufacture of the first Night Hunter in Rostov-on-Don a decade ago. Late last year, the Russian Defence Minister ordered the Mi-28N into service with the Air Force.

Su-34 officially enters service

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customers20 March 2014 marked an event that went virtually unnoticed by the media, though its significance is hard to overestimate. By a resolution of the Russian government, the Armed Forces adopted the Sukhoi Su-34 multirole tactical fighter-bomber for use, thus having completing the protracted and complicated development and testing of the advanced aircraft that will considerably influence the future of the tactical aircraft fleet of the Russian Air Force for many years to come.

Mi-26T2 in full-rate production

sukhoi-superjet-100-arrives-to-new-customersThe Russian Helicopters holding company's subsidiary Rostvertol, which marked its 75th anniversary on 1 July this year, continues fullrate production of the world's most capable heavy-lift helicopters - the Mi-26 and Mi-26T/TC - and shall launch deliveries of the upgraded Mi-26T2 later this year.

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